100,000 killed in Mount Tambora volcano eruption of 1815

100,000 killed in Mount Tambora volcano eruption of 1815

The eruption of Mount Tambora is the biggest one ever recorded in the last millennium. It started in April, 5, 1815 on the island of Sumbawa in present-day Indonesia. On that day, a cruiser of the British East India Company reported fire in the south. 

Loud blasts and gunfire were heard across the Indian Ocean.  Cruisers were sent to investigate the perpetrators of the cannon fire but could find nothing. But then, the sounds were not even the main event. They were explosions but no one could anticipate what was coming. 

The Event

On April 5, huge blasts of a huge detonation started. The sounds were heard as far as 870 miles away.  On April 10, East Java began to experience a rain of volcanic ash.  That same day, a sound like firing guns was heard more than 1,600 miles away on Sumatra. 

At around 7 pm on April 10, the whole mountain turned into a pot of lava with three columns of flames that rose and then merged. Large pumice stones and ash rained down by 8 pm and by 9 pm.

The loud explosions caused by the eruption could be heard until the next evening, on April 11.   A heavy tephra-tinged rain fell from the 11th to the 15th. 

With ashes traveling as far as 810 miles and sound being heard at 1,600 miles away, the 1815 Tambora explosion is the largest recorded in history.   

The Aftermath

This explosion had vast consequences, not only to the people living near the volcano but pretty much the entire world. The ashes from this volcano dispersed around the globe and affected the earth's temperature. 

This led to terrible consequences including worldwide harvest failures, not to mention the effects this volcano had on the climate. This climate change brought about several incidences of unusually heavy weather.  

The biggest volcanic eruption in the world ever is the 15 April, when the Mount Tambora's volcano exploded.  Between the main event and the global and ecological consequences, it is estimated that over the course of time, it killed at least 100,000 people.  

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