Spend your vacation at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Spend your vacation at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Looking for vacations that are unique then consider the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, official name North Pacific Gyre. This is a giant area is twice the size Texas where tons of plastic are floating. 

So, if you ever wondered where do those plastic bottles end up, or those plastic bags from the store, look no further.  Granted, some of it will end up in some landfill.  But a hundred million tons of it are found in this area of the Pacific Ocean. 

But let us start by explaining what a gyre is.  A gyre is a large system of rotating currents that draws water to itself like a huge whirlwind. The North Pacific Gyre draws water from far off places, even from Japan and North America. This one is located between Japan and the coast of California. 

The problem with this gyre is that when it draws water to itself, it brings in unbelievable amounts of plastics. Once in the gyre, these plastics just remain there, floating in the ocean, accumulating over the years.  Some plastics floating here and there should not be a problem, but this one has taken on gigantic proportions. 

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the greatest environmental disasters.  However, cruises have gone there with the mission of trying to pick up as much plastic as they can. If you would like to travel there, you have to be lucky enough to be selected for the expedition.  

You will be a part of an effort that seeks to clean that part of the ocean.  Over time, plastic and other junk breaks down into tiny pieces making the job more daunting and dangerous for the marine life there. As you might imagine, a garbage patch twice the size of Texas is overwhelming and pretty hard to clean up. 

However, initiatives have been proposed to start cleaning the area. But this is a really big spot of trash.  Large-scale efforts to clean it are projected to the year 2020.

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