Immunizations recommended for travel to Central and South Americas

Immunizations recommended for travel to Central and South Americas

Despite what some in the holistic community may tell you, sound medical science shows the important value of vaccinations to help prevent diseases. This is particularly important if you plan to travel to Central or South America. There are different types of diseases in these regions that your body may not be able to fend off, so it is especially critical to get the right vaccinations before traveling. To prepare, schedule an appointment with a travel physician who is well versed in these diseases and what you’ll need. You’ll also want to get the vaccines a few months in advance, to make sure your body is ready to combat these diseases.

Some of the vaccinations you may get will help prevent the following:

Hepatitis A: This disease can be transmitted via food or water, and causes fever, vomiting, nausea and pain. Vaccination is extremely helpful in preventing this.

Yellow Fever: Yellow Fever is a serious, deadly disease that requires utmost prevention steps. Many countries in the region require proof of vaccination to enter, which would be the first (and obviously necessary) step. The vaccine is 100% effective, so it will bring you peace of mind.

Typhoid Fever: This is another deadly disease, and is spread through food and water. A vaccination is recommended, but not 100% effective. A good way to aim for prevention is to eat at clean places, particularly where servers and cooks follow hygiene practices. It may seem intriguing to eat food from street vendors, but it does carry this risk.

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