Visit L. Gieringer’s miniature village in Pennsylvania

Visit L. Gieringer’s miniature village in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Roadside America, Sharlesville, PA, an indoor miniature village, and railway created by Laurence Gieringer in 1935. Initially, the display was opened to the public in Mr. Gieringer's house in Pennsylvania.  But when word got out about the amazing display, he decided to move it to the local amusement park called Carsonia Park (recently closed) so that more people could come and enjoy the miniature village. 

The beginning

The history of this miniature village begins with Laurence Gieringer's love for miniatures. The story is that Gieringer's love for miniatures began when he was 5 years old, around 1899. From his window, the young child could see the lights of the Highland Hotel at the crest of nearby Neversink Mountain.  From his perspective the building looked pretty small. 

As a five-year-old, he wanted it all for himself, and this "miniature building" was no exception. So he went off to go find the building to add it to his toy collection but did not realize how far it really was.  He ended up lost in the woods and was not found until the next morning. 

As an adult, Mr. Gieringer became a carpenter and a painter.  For 60 years, he amassed a collection of tiny detailed buildings that he put together as one of the world's most amazing miniature village. The current site of the display, named Roadside America, opened in 1953 and it is beautifully maintained exactly the way Gieringer left it when he died in 1963.

Gieringer's granddaughter and her family currently operate Roadside America. Admission tickets are $8 per adult, $5 for children, and $7 for military and seniors (65+)

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